User Information

  Block A Block B
Area Details
Total Build Area 184,671 sft 606,253 sft
Total Office Area 183,627 sft 604,662 sft
Usage Details
Number of Floors 2B + G + 9 2B + G + 8
Floor Plate Size 18,300 sft 68,351 sft
Parking Details
Four-Wheel Parking Spaces (covered) 179 591
Two-Wheel Parking Spaces (covered) 186 614
Key Technical Details
Ceiling Height - Floor to Ceiling 4 metres 4 metres
Ceiling Height - Floor to Beam 3.5 metres 3.5 metres
Floor Loading of Office Area 43 KN / sft 43 KN / sft
Grid Size Min 7 mtrs x Max 11.25 mtrs Min 7.17 mtrs x Max 11.45 mtrs

Technical Specification

HVAC System High Side HVAC System i.e up to AHU in each floor. Air cooled chillers (TRANE Make)
Fire Fighting System Fire fighting and Fire alarm system in all common areas.Sprinkler sytem and fire detection and alarm system inside the office floor is tenants scope. (Seimens Make)
Building Management System Will be provided for all building related services.
Passenger Elevators 16Nos. Of Passenger Lifts with 20 Persons lifting capacity at 1.75 Mtrs/Sec speed. (Mitsubishi Make)
Service Elevators 3Nos. Of Service Lifts with 1500Kg lifting capacity at 1Mtr/Sec speed.
Sewage Treatment Plant Centralised Sewage Treatment plant.
Security Systems Centralised Security system will be provided at Main Entrances. Floor access is tenants scope.